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London Transit, New bus shelters shine light on safety

February 8, 2017

New solar-powered bus shelters are starting to pop up all around London.

The first of the 380 new shelters are being installed, replacing ones that are 18 to 25 years old.

The new shelters have a modern glass design. But the big difference is hard to spot – a solar panel on the roof that keeps the shelter lit all night… Continue reading

Daytech introduces new ‘Volare’ shelters

February 6, 2017

To meet a clients requirements for a dome shelter with integrated drainage, Daytech developed its family of ‘Volare’ transit shelters.

Volare has a low profile overhanging dome roof.  The roof extrusion incorporates a drainage cavity and leaf guard.  Drain connections are provided to discharge rainwater at the rear post.  The shelter is ideal for moderate wet climates.

Like all Daytech shelters the product family includes non-ad, advertising displays and solar light kits.

Volare Page

ETS Integrates Solar-Powered Shelter Ads

January 11, 2017

Clear Channel Outdoor Canada (CCOC) recently added 14 solar-powered bus shelters to the Edmonton Transit System’s (ETS’s) out-of-home (OOH) advertising network, while another 26 were expected at press time to be installed by the end of November 2016.

Daytech Limited worked with the city’s government to test the technology in place of wired electricity sources for ETS shelters over the past few years. Solar panels were buried under snow for two weeks in the middle of January, for example, to ensure they could withstand the city’s harsh winter weather.

Each shelter uses one panel to provide 600W to a battery stored within the ad display. A photo cell causes the poster to be illuminated once natural light drops below a specified level. The system is not only ‘eco-friendly’, but also allows more flexible placement of shelters, as they no longer need to be directly connected to a traditional power source.

Solar-Powered, Bus-Stop Ads Arriving in Moncton

December 8, 2016

Solar-powered advertising on four new bus shelters is expected to save Codiac Transpo money on energy costs says Marie-Claire Pierce, the transit organization’s senior transit planner.

The new shelters have been installed by Codiac Transpo on the newly constructed lay-bys on Plaza Boulevard in Moncton… Continue reading

Edmonton to Outfit 40 Bus Shelters with Solar Panels

July 29, 2016

Forty Edmonton bus shelters will go off the grid thanks to new solar technology.

“They don’t draw any grid power. It’s all solar energy, so it’s green, clean power,” said Trevor Dennehy, senior supervisor of transit facilities maintenance with the Edmonton Transit System (ETS).

Powered by solar panels mounted on the roof, energy in the new shelters is stored in batteries built into the advertising panels. The panels, controlled by a photo cell, light up automatically once surrounding natural light drops to a low enough level… Continue reading

Daytech goes ‘off-grid’ with solar LED ad displays

November 14, 2013

After extensive research Daytech has launched a new family of SOLAR powered LED advertising displays for their line of bus shelters. Using a super high efficiency LED lighting technique designed specifically for solar applications, Daytech LED displays are very bright, have no hot spots and have been accepted by leading outdoor advertisers. The ad panel can be illuminated from dusk-to-dawn in most locations. The system is complete with PV solar panels, batteries, controller and LED lights. This is an ideal solution for green-field sites. Power connection costs and monthly electricity bills are a thing of the past!

Daytech awarded contract for Mississauga MiWay BRT shelters.

September 4, 2013

To enhance passenger comfort, the City of Mississauga MiWay transit service is building several large BRT shelters for their new BRT routes. Daytech was selected to provide these highly customized pre-fabricated shelters. One is 100-ft long and features an enclosed heated waiting area, faux wood grain soffits and provisions for CCTV and real-time ‘next bus’ signage. The shelter will be prefabricated in modules in Daytech’s factory for quick on-site installation.

Fort McMurray spends $9M on tricked-out bus shelters to lure oil sands workers onto public transit

April 9, 2013

In its effort to get more people on public transit, Fort McMurray is unleashing an unlikely, yet powerful strategy: It’s building the most tricked-out bus shelters Canada has ever seen.

By year’s end, residents of the northern Alberta oil sands city will have 300 heated bus shelters to wait in, protected from a certain brand of Canadian winter that can whip winds as cold as 40 below. The full budget for the taxpayer-funded retrofit: $9-million, a price tag set two years ago that includes work such as changing roadways, sidewalks, and power hook-ups to help heat the shelters.

While other chilly Canadian cities, such as Ottawa and Winnipeg, also have heated shelters, there’s nothing quite like this, said Dale D’Arcy, program manager for transit services for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which governs Fort McMurray.

The Fort Mac shelters have doors to keep the cold out and a button inside that, when pressed, rushes warm air down from a heater in the ceiling for 10 minutes at a time before shutting off. That timer feature, plus the fact that the door locks when service ends and opens when it starts up, will also deter homeless people from spending the night, Mr. D’Arcy said.

Attractive new ‘Venturo’ shelters installed in YORK REGION…

November 19, 2012

When CBS Outdoor Canada had the opportunity to supply a coordinated street furniture package for York Region Transit (YRT), in the northern suburbs of Toronto, they worked in partnership with Daytech, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of transit, bicycle shelters and benches.

Starting with conceptual drawings provided by YRT, Daytech analyzed the customer’s requirements and value-engineered the shelters and benches to create all-aluminum structures that can be mounted to the customer’s existing concrete pads, potentially saving millions in additional costs versus the original concept.

Daytech’s use of sophisticated 3D design tools ensured the conceptual designs accurately reflected what would be built, thus eliminating any surprises.
To ensure efficiency, Daytech uses modular design components and many standard parts common in all their shelters.

The new Daytech ‘Venturo‘ shelters feature a mono-pitch sloped roof with a solid polycarbonate roof panel. The advertising shelters feature a thin-profile ad display with LED illumination. The non-ad shelters feature an interior solar-powered light kit for passenger convenience and safety.

The YRT coordinated street furniture package includes:

  • Advertising shelter with thin-profile LED ad display
  • Non-ad shelter with solar powered interior light kit
  • Narrow canopy shelter
  • Benches
  • Newspaper corrals
  • Bicycle racks